Loan Management System for IFC


Loan Management System for IFC

IDS loan management is a .NET windows application connected to Oracle DB engine and serves IFC Beirut activities. Since then, we became strategic partners with IFC Beirut.

IDS Loan management was selected by Halawi investment in Beirut but not yet put in production. IDS Loan Management System is a full-fledged solution that contains all the modules needed to run and manage a typical “Loan Operation” throughout all of a Loan’s phases based on the rules and regulations set by the Central Bank of Lebanon. The system helps with the effective management of all loan-related procedures and calculations whilst ensuring all workflows and command lines are properly followed and that none of the required documents are missed during the Loan acceptance process. Additionally, during the Loan period, the system tracks all outstanding payments and is used by the organization’s tellers to settle payments and issue invoices.

This application also serves different department / operators inside the organization including: Credit Representative, Collection, Insurance, Cashier, Credit Admin, Credit Officer, and Compliance Unit. IDS loan management posts its transactions to another IDS engine called Libra that is the core for accounting.

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