CAUS Website


CAUS Website

At the end of 2011, IDS launched the redesigned website for the Centre for Arab Unity Studies (مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية) that incorporates an online Publication Management System for the Centre.

For the past three years, CAUS has relied heavily on its website as a retail outlet selling hundreds of publications through its website yearly.

This system allows the organization to manage, publish and sell their books and e-magazines online internationally boosting their sales and enhancing their image by attracting new visitors.

The website uplift contains not only a rejuvenated and more contemporary interface, but also more advanced e-commerce and online shopping functionalities that would work towards further enhancing the website’s success.

A main feature in the new update is the shipping module. For instance, CAUS members are capable of performing online shipment to multiple addresses in their own address book. The system provides two shipping methods: FedEx and LibanPost, where each member gets to check his or her preferred method based on the price, their address and their own personal preferences. Based on the shipping addresses and methods, the prices vary in order to adjust to any additional shipping costs. The prices are displayed on the website to give the users the chance to view all the details before performing a buying action thus making the right purchasing decision.

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